Advanced cashier system and payment routing software



Feature Packed

All the advanced cashier system and payment routing software features you are used to and then some! Simplified online payment management, lightning fast and ultra secure. Oh, and it also seamlessly integrates to your existing website or software right out of the box.

Take ownership of tools that help you to succeed.

Take control over your online transactions with your own instance of mPower.


mPower provides the best in payment security for your clients

mPower adheres to the latest in industry security standards and best practices.

Mobile Friendly

Simple, clean and easy to use for your convenience.

Manage every aspect of your payments as they come in to our platform accross multiple devices.

Intelligent Routing

Dynamically route transactions to multiple sources.

Intelligently route payments to different PSP's based on your chosen criteria.

Credit Cards

Process transactions with all the major credit card schemes

mPower allows you to add and support multiple credit card schemes to your transaction processing.


Add Crypto Currency processing to your merchant applications

mPower allows you to accept transactions through multiple crypto currencies.

User Account Management

Configure user account access to a detailed level.

mPower allows you to configure and fine-tune user access privileges through multiple user groups.

Merchant Account Management

Spread your payments over multiple accounts.

mPower allows you to add multiple merchant accounts with individulal transaction routing rules for each.

Integrated Client CRM

Review and manage your customers account details

mPower contanins a integration clint CRM to easily manage your customers data.

Virtual Terminal

Step in and help your customer process any transaction.

Built in credit card transaction form. Process a transaction on your customers behalf

Recurring Billing

Provide your customers with the ability to perform recurring billing.

mPower provides support for transaction tokenisation and recurring billing.

Realtime Fraud Threshold Management

Stop fraudsters in their tracks in real time.

mPower comes with risk prevention tools and systems right out of the box.